Dear followers, im on KIK right now and overly horny :) Feel free to message me: skyliner0


Dear followers feel free to message me on kik :) skyliner0


Anonymous said: How old are you?

Its a mystery…….I’m 25

Ever talked to a german?

If you want to kik a german guy, go for it :)

My KIK is skyliner0 :-)

Talk to you soon


Her body tho…


Her body tho…

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Nicki Minaj - Anaconda [x]


Nicki Minaj - Anaconda [x]

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Talk to me on KIK if you want: KIK: skyliner0

if you dont want its ok too…

Random funny story

Yesterday I passed out while jerking off and hours later I woke up with my dick still in hand…so naturally I just continued where I left :-D

Just wanted to share that with you :D


Im so overly horny today…I cant remember the last time I was THAT horny. ANd usually Im horny all the time (you know it) but today is over the top…


I just learned the following…my soft cock looks either like a pickle or a very short worm…and the topping on top of that insult cake…in no way my small cock grows into the other pics of my hard cock…well I dont care about your opinion :-D

What do you think?

Short rant

I dont get why many guys never post there soft dicks :-D

Yes, some soft cocks are small (I know mine is) but some grow big and its far more “convincing” than “look at my 6 inchc cock!” :-D

Just a short rant for all of you to know :P

Information :-)

Hi there dear followers,

sorry for not updating/reblogging and posting regularly lately. I have been and will be overly busy during summer due to personal reasons, but I will try to check my inbox, kik and skype regularly and I will try to reblog some of that porn that so many of you enjoy.

Hope to chat to many of you again soon and have a beautiful summer (or winter whereever you are)

Naked naughty nerd from germany :-)
Mainly into NSFW stuff on here :-) And to make things clear: I'm a GUY :-D

Catchphrase: Not the biggest tree in the forest, but it gets the deal done ;-)

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